Five key issues with online-only estate agentsĀ 

Five key issues with online-only estate agentsĀ 


Today, estate agents offer the best of both worlds with an online presence. This allows you to view properties and seek information on all aspects of moving. You then get the advantage of a team of experienced and dedicated agents who share your property dreams, become your go-to guides for your moving journey, and will value your home in person. Online-only estate agents have made their presence felt, but it seems most home movers still prefer a traditional agent that offers a hybrid service.

Payment in advance
Online estate agencies ask for payment in advance. There is no guarantee that you will make a successful sale. Traditional agents typically take a commission on sales completion, and naturally, this feels like a better deal. Some might argue that an online estate agent could be potentially cheaper, but if you do not achieve the true value of your property, then you have not saved money. Without expert guidance, an incorrectly priced home may not sell at all.

Less time
Conducting your own viewings is time-consuming. We all live busy lives, and there is precious little time to wait around for a potential buyer. Dealing with offers well below the asking price from strangers in the home where you've made so many happy memories can be uncomfortable . With a trained expert taking care of all of this for you, you are free to get on with your work or enjoy life as you see fit.

It’s hard work
From taking your own pictures of your property to learning aspects of the complexities of your entire moving process, life without an in-person agent can become difficult. It’s no secret that moving is stressful at the best of times. This is one of many reasons why the vast majority of homeowners still choose to buy their properties with a traditional agent. It’s better to save your energy for moving day and fully focus on the home you want to buy.

You may miss your friendly expert
Communication is key to achieving success in most aspects of life, and moving home is no exception. A friendly-faced, helpful agent who can take care of viewings, prepare your home for sale, and liaise with buyers on a daily basis will be highly motivated to sell your home and is worth every penny of their commission. When you consider the necessary checks, paperwork, and legislative requirements, it soon becomes clear that agents are invaluable to home movers.

A lack of local market knowledge
Agents are well-connected into your local property market. Having expert knowledge of the properties in your area and familiarity with its location is a huge plus. With an online agent, you're on your own. Buying a home is as much about people as it is about property. From buyers and sellers to teams of people such as mortgage advisers to your friendly agent who can manage a property portfolio or value your home.

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