Demand for apartments and flats is reaching new heights!

Demand for apartments and flats is reaching new heights!

With fantastic views, minimal effort, and trendy, modern, and classical designs, apartments and flats are as appealing as ever when it comes to buying a place to live. So, it’s little wonder urban areas and remote locations are seeing healthy levels of interest in this convenient way of living.

Demand for one- and two-bedroom flats across the UK increased from 22% to 27% in the year to February 2023, while one- and two-bedroom flats for the same period in London accounted for 49% of demand.* There are a number of reasons for this. Easy living
If you don’t want to be weighed down by a big mortgage or large monthly bills, flats are the way forward. Often located near good transport links, shops, and amenities, adding to a potentially great social life with bars, pubs, and other apartment owners on your doorstep, life can be easier and potentially more fun than living in other forms of property.

Low maintenance
It’s most likely you will not have a garden to worry about, and if you do, it could be maintained for you. Alternatively, you may enjoy a balcony as an outdoor space, in which case you can enjoy the novelty of good views and a different perspective on things. It’s easier to keep on top of cleaning with little or no maintenance involved.

Cost of living
As interest rates rise and the cost of energy soars, although right now some of these expenses are at last reducing, simply heating a flat often costs much less than even a modest terraced house. Decorating and revamping an apartment is most likely to be more affordable.

First steps and more
Typically the domain of first-time buyers or perhaps individuals who have chosen to retire, apartments are becoming increasingly popular with a broader demographic as they improve in size, quality, and location.

A great investment
The demand for flats and apartments is always high. If one day you wake up and decide you want to rent it out, you are guaranteed to get a good income without facing costly maintenance bills. And because of this rental and buyer demand for properties of this type represent a stable investment.

Consuming less energy for heating and lighting thanks to good insulation and proximity to other buildings makes flats more energy efficient. And if they need updating to improve this, then those costs are also significantly less than for larger properties.

Many people are downsizing. Perhaps the family has flocked the nest. An increasing number of people choose to live life as an experience, want to spend more time and money travelling, have hobbies or work in many locations throughout the world, and don’t want to be tied down.

Outlook for the future
The UK property market is proving resilient and offers a huge diversity of architecture and property options for you to choose from and enjoy. Whether you buy a flat as a buy-to-let, as a private dwelling, or both. Demand is expected to grow solidly well into the future.
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