How Have House Prices Developed in South East London? Plus More

How Have House Prices Developed in South East London? Plus More

In this month's edition, we analyse how London's South East property prices have changed over the last month and the Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program has published the highly anticipated 2018 edition of "The Report" where London is considered the number one Global Luxury Property Destination and you can download from our blog post below.

Also this month, landlords only have a month to ensure their properties meet the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, we share our guide to making an offer as a first-time buyer and we reveal the perks that tenants are willing to pay extra for.

Finally, we share a selection of guides on how to get the most out of your home from Coldwell Banker Blue Matter.

Property Values in London's South East Boroughs See Significant Rises

In need of an accountant?

What Perks Are Tenants Happy to Pay More For?

A Guide on How to Make an Offer as a First-Time Buyer

Effective Improvements for a Faster Sale

Ambient Lighting Tricks to Warm Up the Whole House

Container Gardening Upgrades for a Fresh Spring

Landlords: Are Your Properties Ready for the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards?

London considered number one Luxury Property Destination reported in Coldwell Banker Luxury 2017 Report

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