February Newsletter - How To Save For A House Deposit

February Newsletter - How To Save For A House Deposit

In this edition of the Coldwell Banker, we look at how to save for that all-important house deposit; with more mortgages being issued to first-time buyers than ever before, this could be the year you purchase that first home. We also analyse the bustling rental market, with tenant demand on the rise and on the sales side we look into which properties have performed the best over the past decade. Away from property, we look at whether Brexit really changes anything for us now that we are in the transition period, and look at how eco-friendly homes are contributing to a greener environment. 

Tenant Demand showing no signs of Slowing Down

Which Property Type has Performed Best over the Last Decade?

Saving for a House Deposit

Eco-Visionaries at the Royal Academy

Pretty Woman: The Musical

Eco Friendly Homes Playing an Important Role

Does Anything Really Change now that Brexit has Started?

Orchids festival at Kew Gardens

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